Five Guys Menu

Five Guys – Not Just Another Hamburger Joint

five guysThe Five Guys Menu

There is a Hamburger stop called Five Guys, and it is taking hamburger lovers by storm. The Five Guys menu is simple… Burgers, Fries, and a drink. Do not stop in looking for chicken, fish or any other of the cute ideas that most of the fast food restaurants have gotten us used to ordering at their restaurants. No, here it is only burgers and they are phenomenal! You have got to try one, and quick.

There are so many different combinations of burgers at this restaurant that I cannot mention them all, but personally I enjoy the good old fashion American cheeseburger. However, I had gotten used to those tiny little thin burgers that I had been used to being fed by these fast food restaurants and believed that a burger was just a burger. They actually had me thinking that I was really eating a cheese burger.

Free Sample Coupons

Now these people know how to make a cheeseburger, its greasy and tastes incredible. Leave the fancy stuff for the fancy restaurants. The Five Guys menu is a straight shot of hamburger heaven and after trying them, you realize how you never really had a burger until you try one of theirs. These chains are popping up all over the Unites States, and if there is not one of them near you, soon there will be. You can check your local listings for a Five Guys near you. Also look for their opening coupon mail out. In my neighborhood, I was offered a free sample of one of their burgers, via a coupon that was mailed to my home. It notified me that there was one open nearby, and also allowed me to come in and sample a burger. One was all it took and I was hooked. Try something new, try a Five Guys burger off of their menu and enjoy.

The Five Guys Menu – I need Money

I do not know about you but the Five Guys menu is just totally addictive, and it is not all that expensive but something has to give here. Either Five Guys coupons or I need to make more money. Sure the online coupon are always good, but making more money would not be such a bad thing either.  I love making money for taking surveys because it is totally free, and so easy. Most of the time I spend on the Internet, I either spend taking surveys or writing about the most recent experiences I have had, as I travel or take short trips around the U.S.

This Spring break I took the family to Walt Disney World, and I found a new 5 Guys located just near State road 192 right on Osceola Parkway near the Olive Garden.  I do not remember seeing in over the Christmas holidays, so I assume this has just opened up during the last couple of months. I must give them a shout out!  The service was incredible, and everyone was so helpful from the young teenager that held the door for us as we entered to the cashier.  The food as always was magnificent.

Have you ever eaten at Five Guys?

Well if you have not, boy are you in for a treat when you go. Here is what you can expect. Some of the most incredible well cooked burgers ever! The 5 Guys menu sports cheeseburgers, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Grilled Cheese (outstanding) and two types of french fries.  They have Cajun and regular.  They serve them into long drink cups, and they toss the cups into a paper bag, and they are plenty of fries there for everyone. I order two large fries for five of us and believe me it is more than enough. The size of the cheeseburgers and hamburgers is determined by the amount of patties on your sandwich. The large is double the meat, and the regular is basically a single.  Here are a list of the sides that you can have placed on your Five Guys burger. What I would not do for one right now!

  • Pickles
  • Hot Peppers (Go easy on these…)
  • Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Mustard
  • Onions (Both grilled and regular)
  • Lettuce and Tomatoes
  • Relish (For either the hot dog, which are great or the burgers)

Fast friendly service and an incredible American burger is what puts this restaurant on top of my all time best fast food restaurants around. You can expect to have your burger cooked and well done, that’s the rules due to meat inspections and tougher standards on the overall cooking of beef by the U.S.D.A. So cooked to perfection and only after you have ordered your food. The price is right, and the drink variety is pretty standard stuff, diet drinks, regular drinks, and tea.  Enjoy your next burger at 5 Guys, you will not regret it!