Five Guys Coupons – Burger Munching Heaven!

Five Guys coupons are a hot ticket item, if you love burgers like I do.  I did a straight week of Five Guys burgers, what a week!!!  If you want chicken, or pasta, or perhaps you love hot dogs, yeah, this is not the place for you.  If you love cow, now we are talking.  I love cow.  Say it loud, I love Cow!!!  Sorry cows, but burgers are incredible if you are buying them at this place.

I don’t like the burgers that are more bread than burger, I will not waste my time with that one.  You know the companies.  Yeah the burgers are 0.59 cents, but for my appetite, it simply will not suffice.  One of these specialty burgers will most certainly leave you wanting so much more.  That is exactly what happened to me that infamous week.  I was hooked.  Now of late I have been seeking coupons, because I need them.  My whole family loves the Five Guys burgers and every time I go, well I do not have to tell you how expensive it can get.  Burgers and fries and a coke.  What a concept.

Of late I have been lucky enough to find a coupon or two in the Flyer in my home town, the Flyer is the equivalent of a small congregation of coupons and specials from a host of different stores and businesses that advertise in them.  The Five Guys coupons are in there quite often, and also look for any new stores opening up in your area.  They usually will send a coupon with an advertisement to let you know that the store is opening.  That was how I received my very first coupon and taste of this burger kingdom.  Hands down, once you try one you will never, never eat another average burger.